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Sometimes Transformation Occurs in a Cocoon

 Sometimes transformation occurs in a cocoon and the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. However, for human beings transformation of consciousness occurs in a series of conversations.



Professionalism and Experience

 With certifications in Psychology, Art and Education, as well as 25 years of professional experience In designing seminars and facilitating coaching  experiences I have had the pleasure of helping  people transform their personal lives and relationships.  Far too many people suffer mental and emotional pain and stress for far too long before reaching out for some help. Help is one conversation away.



 If you are in pain, how much longer are you willing to suffer? I would like to help you clearly identify the transformations that you require in your relationships with family, co-workers and friends. I invite you to contact me and have a preliminary conversation to identify strategies that we could create together to relieve your pain.

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 Have you ever wondered about the relationship between your inner experience and outer lived reality?

If a relationship is a journey through a series of stages, each requiring different transformations, and all endings are also beginnings then each of us manifests for ourselves what it means to be happy and successful. Transformation always occurs within us before it ever shows up on the outside in our lived experience. Because The Word begets the World, a conversation is our primary access to transformation and consciousness.  I invite you to get out your phone and call me now so that we can begin this Conversation.  Consider, No Conversation - No Transformation.

Virtual Coaching packages available online for individuals, couples, and small groups.

- Personal Transformational Experience
- Relationship Coaching and Transformation
- Small Group Coaching Experiences
- Transformational and Spiritual Coaching 




Established in 2008.

I started my career in Education in 1990 working with students who had learning disabilities. Out of concern for them, I acquired a degree in Transformational Psychology with a specialization in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I spent 25 years observing, and teaching relationship dynamics, to both students and professional educators. I used my own personal transformational experiences as a model to create seminars and developed a seminar/coaching business. I now work with individuals, couples and small groups using a range of developmental techniques to challenge negative beliefs, to balance being, having and doing, to identify what is working and what is not working, to assist in making life-changing decisions, help identify the values that motivate you, and support you in designing the ideal life and relationship you would love.  I invite you to get out your phone and call me now to start the conversation.  Remember, No Conversation - No Transformation.

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 My mission in this phase of my life is simply to facilitate understanding of transformational experiences and alleviate the pain and suffering of the average person.  

* Exceptional ability to use intuition and interpersonal skills to provide support to others
* Cutting edge knowledge of mentoring, coaching and experiential methodologies to promote transformation for individuals, couples, and small groups
* Radical empathy, acceptance and understanding of the importance of cultural and social diversity in relation to the future development of any relationship and humanity as a whole
* Developing learning communities and organizations through the building and maintaining of effective interpersonal and professional relationships 


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