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In a cocoon the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. For a human being, personal transformation occurs in a series of simple conversations.




 Are you in pain?  How much longer are you willing to suffer?  Could you benefit from a little  coaching in your conversations and relationships with family, co-workers and friends?  Could you contact me today, and book a free conversation to relieve your pain ?



 With 25 years of professional experience in coaching  and facilitating  workshops, I have seen way too many people suffer mental and emotional pain  for way  too long before reaching out for some help. Help is one conversation away, call me today.



Your words create your life, if you want a new life you have  say new things. 

You have to change your inner world before you can ever change your outer world.

 To transform your life you must first transform your conversations and for that you will need a coach.

I would like to be your coach.

The Back Story



Established in 2008.

I started my career in Education in 1990 working with students who had learning disabilities. Out of concern for them, I acquired a degree in Psychology. I have pent 25 years observing, and teaching both students and professional educators. I used my own personal experiences to create seminars and developed a coaching business. I now work with individuals, couples and small groups using a range of techniques to challenge negative beliefs,  identify what is working and what is not and support you in designing a life and a relationship you would love.